Success Stories




Bob's success story unfolds at Jo-Ann's Fabric and Craft Store, where he seamlessly stepped into the role of a floor associate. Demonstrating a remarkable talent for organization, Bob excels at maintaining the store's visual appeal with precision and dedication.

Bob's friendly demeanor shines through as he actively forges new connections, embracing fresh opportunities with enthusiasm. This positive outlook not only contributes to a vibrant workplace culture but also enhances the overall customer experience.

Bob's journey at Jo-Ann's marks a turning point from past work experiences that weren't as fulfilling. He candidly shared challenges faced in previous roles, grappling with inconsistent job matches, changing supervisors, and tasks that didn't align with his preferences.

However, with the support of ACE, Bob found his professional haven at Jo-Ann's. Here, he enjoys a customized role perfectly tailored to his interests and abilities. This personalized approach has not only amplified Bob's job satisfaction but also allowed him to showcase his unique skills, creating a win-win scenario for both Bob and Jo-Ann's.


Crystal secured a role with Buffalo Wild Wings, contributing to their janitorial operations. Remarkably, within a few weeks, she not only grasped the intricacies of the job but also introduced innovative approaches that reflected her unique style.

Her impact was swift, with her team praising Crystal for transforming the cleanliness standards, particularly noting the pristine condition of the bathrooms—a testament to her dedication and attention to detail.

Known for her exceptional work ethic and unwavering optimism, Crystal has become an indispensable part of the team. When speaking with her supervisor, Tina, you'll find nothing but commendations for Crystal's contributions. Tina expresses gratitude for having Crystal on her team, highlighting her positive influence and hardworking nature.

Crystal's outstanding performance didn't go unnoticed. Within just 30 days of her employment, she earned both a promotion and a well-deserved pay raise. This rapid recognition is a testament to Crystal's commitment and the value she brings to the Buffalo Wild Wings team. Way to go, Crystal—keep up the phenomenal work!


Daffaney's journey with ACE's Supported Employment program is a true success story. She entered the program with a clear vision for her ideal job environment, emphasizing safety, flexibility and team connection. 

Upon joining JoAnn's as a floor associate, Daffaney not only found a job but discovered a platform to showcase her keen eye for details and organizational skills. Her knack for making things aesthetically pleasing and exceptional customer service made her a valuable asset.

Reflecting on her growth, Daffaney highlighted the significant impact of the Supported Employment program. It not only deepened her understanding of job searching but also instilled confidence in her skills and abilities. Daffaney's success underscores the transformative power of tailored employment support, fostering personal and professional development.