ACE Business Services

Benefits of Being a Business Partner:

1. Expertise: Access to our specialized knowledge and expertise, benefiting from our understanding of diverse job markets, accommodations, and tax incentives.

2. Streamlined Recruitment and Training: Enjoy a simplified recruitment process as we help identify suitable candidates, saving time and resources in the hiring process. We also provide additional training to assist individuals with life skills, allowing them to unlock their full potential as an employee. 

3. Customized Solutions: Benefit from our tailored employment solutions that consider the unique needs and requirements of both employers and employee(s).

4. Inclusive Work Environment: We focus on creating inclusive workplaces, fostering diversity and understanding to enhance overall team dynamics.

5. Ongoing Support: We provide ongoing support for both employers and employees, ensuring a smooth integration and addressing any challenges that may arise during the employment journey.

6. Community Engagement: We are connected to a network that promotes community engagement, connecting businesses with a diverse pool of talented individuals.

7. Compliance and Regulations: Stay informed and compliant with employment regulations and requirements, with our agency providing guidance on legal matters related to disability employment.

8. Positive Impact: Contribute to a meaningful societal influence by actively participating in hiring a diverse population that empowers individuals with diverse abilities, fostering a positive impact on communities. 

9. Employee Retention: Experience enhanced employee satisfaction and retention rates as a result of inclusive practices and ongoing support provided by ACE.

10. Diversity and Inclusion: We help establish diversity and inclusion in the workplace, creating an environment that values and respects individual differences, ultimately enriching the organizational culture.

ACE Client Services

1. Pre-Employment Guidance: Personalized coaching for navigating the pre-employment landscape.

2. Educational Support: Targeted tutoring to obtain essential skills for career advancement.

3. Job Readiness Program: Comprehensive training in vital job readiness skills.

4. Individual Assessment/Discovery: Tailored assessment processes to identify unique strengths and opportunities.

5. Employment Preparation and Placement: Strategic assistance in preparing for and securing employment opportunities.

6. Professional Job Coaching: Ongoing, hands-on guidance to ensure successful on-the-job adaptation.

7. Effective Advocacy: Strong representation and support in navigating employment challenges.

8. Community Integration: Facilitating meaningful connections within the community for holistic support.

9. Skill Development Training: Specialized training programs designed to enhance specific skill sets.

10. Financial Literacy Education: Empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills for financial well-being.

11. Service Coordination: Efficiently brokering essential services to meet individual needs effectively.

ACE State Services

Utah State Office of Rehabilitation (USOR)

Department of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD)

We aim to offer top-notch service and value feedback greatly!